Our goal at Bethany is to be a thriving church, that impacts community, and is the unified body of Christ.  With that in mind our worship - music, art, audio visuals - should all be a reflection of Jesus, with the goal to unify the body of believers. 


(Audio Visual and Sound)

Proclaiming the gospel through audio, visual and live-streaming.

Our volunteers use their behind-the-scenes skills during our services when they serve on Sundays. They also spend time prepping for services ahead of time, and editing/posting our service recordings after most people are home.  It's a labor of love.  When you do see one of our Audio or Visual Technicians - make sure to express your thanks for all their hard work!




av tech

 This person should be comfortable using a mouse and computer and should have general computer knowledge. 

They will be trained to set up the service in an application called ProPresenter, run the service by clicking through the slides and videos as the speakers call for them, and advance lyrics for the worship team. 

We are currently looking for 1 more A/V Tech to join our team.

(Updated 7/26/2023)


This person should be willing to be trained on our sound equipment.  This role would set up and run sound for our Worship Teams on Sunday mornings as well as practice sessions.

Applicants will go through a training/shadowing process with a current sound tech. 

We are currently looking for 2 more Sound Techs to fill open spots.

(Updated 7/26/2023)


We are looking for someone to facilitate "community" and engage our Facebook and YouTube live stream guests during our Sunday morning Live-Streams. We'd be looking for someone to welcome people as they come online, greet people during the greeting time, get to know our regular online guests and possibly gather prayer requests. If this is something you'd be interested in - scroll to the top and tap on the "Click Here" button to apply for this new social media role!


This person will be trained to serve in a few capacities:

1) How to operate 3 cameras remotely to engage our livestream audience and ensure visual consistency

2) How to do very minimal video editing and converting to upload the service video to our BGF website

This role requires the volunteer to be available to serve in the AV booth for both services on their assigned day.

We are currently looking for 1-2 more livestream/camera people.

(Updated 7/26/2023)


This person should be passionate about BGF church family life! He/she'd need to be able to catch the "moments" of our congregation in photos. We are looking for a photographer who will take and collect photos (or video clips) of major church events to create a pictorial record of monthly church life. They may take the photos themselves or encourage participants to snap photos and submit them for use in a “month-in-review” video, in house publications, social media, app and website (as appropriate) as well as in the church archive. 

Social media lead

This person should be passionate about communication, knowledgeable in social media, with the spiritual gifts of encouragement and exhortation. We're hoping that the Social Media Lead will curate the church Facebook page (729 followers) and other social media accounts by weekly posting a variety of photos, inspirational messages and posts that will further the mission and vision of the church and raise the profile of our church’s online presence.


This person should be passionate about visual communication, able to use basic video editing software. We are looking for a person with video editing skills who will help in assembling a 2-4 minute “month-in-review” video to celebrate the many ways Bethany is fulfilling its mission and vision during a given month. Our hope is that photos and video clips will be provided by the church photographer and other ministry leads. 

The “month-in-review” video will be shown the first or second Sunday of the following month. Other opportunities may include video & editing of baptismal and salvation testimonies and special announcements as time allows. If applying for this volunteer positions is something you'd like to talk about.  


If you are a gifted vocalist, drummer or instrumentalist, a worship team might be the place for you to apply and audition. 

CLICK HERE  to apply for an audition.