Our Cafe Staff, Ushers, Safety Team, Emergency Medical Team and Greeters all work together to help Bethany fulfil our vision of being a thriving church that imitates Christ.

Our goal is to show the love of Christ to all who come to Bethany and treat each person as family, as we grow in Christ-centered hospitality.

We are always looking for people to volunteer as Greeters, Café Staff Substitutes, Ushers, Emergency Medical Team and Safety Team Members. 


to find out more about serving with our Front Door Ministry Team.

cafe team

Our Cafe Team keeps the coffee brewed and snacks stocked for many activities that happen at the church. If serving with this ministry interests you, use the link above and the Cafe Team Leader will contact you with details!

campus safety team

Our Campus Safety Team is an important ministry at Bethany. We do all that we can to ensure our church family and guests are able to worship in a safe and comfortable environment. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about serving and are willing to put their personal safety aside to ensure the safety of others. Their main skills are vigilance, dedication and willingness. If you feel called to minister in this manner, click on the above link and our Campus Safety Team Leader will contact you with further details. 

greeter team

The Greeter Team at Bethany is all about connection. We support our church mission by loving each other as family and welcoming each guest as a loved family member. We strive to help our guests get connected with others and with the ministry opportunities at Bethany Grace. This supports our church vision of unifying the followers of Christ and impacting our community for eternity. If you are someone who loves people, and values the importance of personal connection and would like to serve in this ministry, please click the above link and our Greeter Team Leader will be in contact with you.

medical response team

Our Medical Response Team at Bethany is here to respond to various medical concerns for all of our church partners and guests. When our church family is able to remain healthy, we can be a thriving church that impacts our community. Our MRT is comprised of medical personnel from a wide variety of medical backgrounds. If you are interested in learning more about serving on this team, click the link above and our Medical Response Team Leader will contact you to answer your questions.

usher team

Our usher team plays a vital role in our church. They are a secondary step in greeting our guests and an important part of ensuring their safety. They ensure the doors are opened or closed as needed, help our guests find a seat in the worship center, ensure the lighting is properly set and provide other support functions as needed. This frees up our staff and guests to focus on worship. Our ushers are dedicated people who are watchful, pay attention to details and are able to respond to whatever need arises. They are both task and people oriented. If you feel led to serve on a team that helps make sure our services run smoothly, click on the above link and our Usher Team Leader will contact you with further details.