Adult Bible Fellowships at Bethany

Our Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) is a great opportunity to grow together in Christ as we fellowship in prayer and in His word.  Participating in an ABF gives attendees time to share in prayer and stimulating discussions about our faith, in a small group setting.   We'd love for you to join us Sunday Mornings at 10:35AM, downstairs in the Fellowship Hall area.

Our heart here at Bethany is for the entire Church to be both growing in discipleship and relationship with one another.

To learn more about our ABF offerings or which class would be for you - contact our Discipleship Pastor,  John Beiler at

ABF Classes Available

Growing In Grace

This class is for those who love to grow in God's grace.  It's for single, couples, and everyone in between.  This class is generally for those 50's and up, but all are welcome.

This class meets in the main area of the Fellowship Hall during the 10:35 Service.

New Heart

This class is for those who desire to live out of their new hearts in Christ, by praying together and discussing God’s Word and other Biblical and social issues. This class is for you whether you are single or married.  Most attendees are in their thirties through forties, but all ages are welcome.

This class will meet in the Conference Room #220 during the 10:35 Service.


This class is for singles, young couples and young families post-high school through mid-thirties. If you are in this demographic and have been looking for a way to get connected this class is a great opportunity. 

The class will meet in Room 208 during the 10:35 service. 

Amazing Grace

(Women's Class)

This class is for women post-high school and up.  Covering topics that help women to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

This class meets in Fellowship Hall Room A during the 10:35 Service.