• children's ministry (Nursery-Grade 5)

    Reporting: Gwen Myer, Children’s Ministry Director

    Status: Level 1 Internship, 3+ Hours a week.

    Personal Traits: Candidates for this internship should have…

    • A clear testimony of faith and a passionate devotion to Christ and His church.
    • Possess strong interpersonal skills, able to relate to all age groups, keep confidences, receive instruction and function well as part of a ministry team.
    • A heart to serve Christ and glorify God through serving others.
    • A desire to grow in your relationship with Christ and better understand your calling.
    • A desire and ability to grow in the competencies of your given internship.
    • A heart for discipleship and investing in others for the glory of God.


    Children’s Ministry Opportunities:


    This fall there are a bunch of opportunities in Children’s ministry at Bethany.  We are looking for assistance in Elementary and Preschool Sunday school. We will pair you with an experienced teacher as a mentor and depending on your experience and aptitude, you can assist, teach, lead a classroom. We have opportunities for small group leaders in Elementary and Preschool. Here you will learn small group dynamics and lead a group of children in processing and applying Biblical truth.  We have opportunities in Children’s church for a Sunday morning Storyteller in Elementary and Preschool. These “master teachers” communicate the Bible story in creative and dynamic ways right in preparation for the small group application time.  And we have an opportunity for a Kids worship leader and activity leader for our elementary aged students. If you want to work behind the scenes, you can assist our CM director in classroom preparations during the week.   All of this is customizable to your gifting and level of experience and Gwen will walk with you every step of the way providing valuable feedback and mentoring.



    • Sunday Worship- interns participate in regular worship services and church life.
    •    Participate in one of the Children’s Ministry’s Sunday morning services. Children’s programing is offered during 2 services that run consecutively. 9am service is the Sunday School hour in Children’s Ministry and the 10:35 service is the Children’s worship service.
    •   Provide your own transportation




    We know that being a college student can be challenging and you probably miss your home church.  Well, we can be your church family while you are at LBC!  Along with the valuable experience you will gain in ministry, you can also take advantage of these opportunities:

    •        Making friends throughout the congregation and especially in the CM department
    •        Frequent invitations for a home cooked meal and to hang out with a family
    •        Prayer support
    •        Gas money to help with travel expenses

    For questions regarding a Children’s Ministry internship text or email Gwen Myer at 717-824-1171 or  gwen@bethanygf.org

    Internship Levels


    Level 1: Freshman-Seniors perusing a degree in one of the above or equivalent ministry disciplines seeking Church involvement, community, and a place to serve during their education. This could lead into Phase 2 and 3 opportunities. (Unpaid)


    Level 2: Freshman-Seniors pursuing a degree in one of the above or equivalent ministry disciplines looking for a place to complete course and program required internships. Students can start with Phase 1 or apply for Phase 2 if space is available. In this opportunity Bethany would meet required documentation and requirements for an individuals required ministry internship needs. (Unpaid)


    Level 3: Sophomores-Seniors pursuing a degree in one of the above or equivalent ministry disciplines who have completed a phase 1 or 2 internship here at Bethany, looking for a summer ministry internship. This opportunity would be a continuation of the previous service of the student, with added opportunities for growth and leadership. (Expense stipend)