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The Balanced Believer: Intentional Discipleship in a chaotic world

Join us Sundays, September 5 through November 28th at 9AM and 10:35AM.

Balance is a difficult thing to maintain in life and sometimes that is true spiritually, too. With all the competing demands of the modern world, what does a balanced believer look like? How can we know we are maintaining healthy boundaries, right priorities and fulfilling our calling to glorify God? Well, a ‘balanced believer’ invests in 4 priorities (or 4 directions): 

1) Upward- we have a lifestyle of worship and cultivate a deepening relationship with the Father

2) Downward- we are connecting in ever deepening ways with God’s people, the body of Christ. 

3) Inward- we are being spiritually transformed by consistently engaging with God and his word

4) Outward- we are exercising our spiritual gifts for the building up of the church and the reaching of the world. 

Like a 4-legged stool, when any one of these is shorted or absent, things get unstable, and we are out of balance.

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