Women's ministry @ Bethany

Living out the love of Jesus Christ by bringing women together.

At Bethany, our Women's Ministry is geared towards connecting women from all ages.  We are women from all different backgrounds, walks of life, and stages of life.  Our focus isn't on dress codes or how put together your life is.  We are REAL women with REAL struggles and REAL joys.  We'd love for you to get involved by meeting new women and developing relationships.  We encourage you to help each other flourish on our journeys, by using your gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

2022-2023 Events Calendar

(Watch the BGF Link App, Announcements and BGF Connect Email for details.   RSVP links for events that interest you.)

  • Winter Retreat - January 27 & 28
  • IF Conference - March 10 & 11
  • Hike - April 29
  • Outdoor Movie Night - June 2

get connected with other women @ bethany


    Are you a ((woman)) who is good at organizing activities and events?  We are looking for Subcommittee Members!  Click the link above and request to learn how you can be a part of the Women's Ministry Team!

  • bible studies for women

    Throughout the year Bethany's Women's Ministry offers Bible Studies.  Watch Bethany's announcements, the BGF Link App, and our Connect Email for sign ups in the fall, winter and spring for these enriching studies. 

    • Wednesday morning Ladies study from 9:30-11:00AM, facilitated by Pam Benedict
    • Wednesday evening Ladies study from 7:00-8:30PM (following the Kid's Club Schedule), facilitated by Sandy Martin.

    If you would be interested in learning more about the current and upcoming Bible Studies for women mark the link above and Pam or Sandy will contact you!

  • coffee connect

    Coffee Connect isn't just about he coffee (or tea). It's about connecting with other women! Our Coffee Connect events are designed to be relaxed, and give time for conversations, getting to know one another and building friendships outside of a Sunday morning setting.

    Watch the BGF Connect Email, Women's Ministry Email, BGF Link App for sign-ups and location information of these fun evenings!

    • Monday, November 14
    • Tuesday, January 17
    • Monday, February 20
    • Tuesday, March 23
    • Monday, April 17
    • Tuesday, May 16
    We are always looking for women willing to hostess one of our Coffee Connect evenings. If you would like to offer your home (or backyard) contact Jess Nolt by marking indicating your interest in the link above!
  • Moving Beyond

    This is a support group for women in working through hard places in their lives. The group is open to new members in September and in January.

    Did you know...

    This past year, our members have found safety and support in sharing their stories with the group. Often we suffer, feeling alone and isolated due to life circumstances. Sharing our story and feeling accepted and loved is part of moving beyond the hurt and shame by allowing God to heal our deepest pain. You are not alone; we are here to walk with you through your struggle. This group is for women currently struggling and women who have similar struggles in their past who can come alongside to encourage and pray for our members. A high value for this group is confidentiality to build trust and safe relationships. We use short video bible studies and/or a book study to help us focus on God's Word and His promises as we walk together.

    We meet monthly and in between meetings we share our concerns and prayer requests with each other via private text message. It is a wonderful experience to see many members respond with encouragement and prayers in response to someone sharing a struggle or difficulty situation in their life.

    If meeting with this group is something you'd like to explore - click here   .

    We are also looking for women who can encourage and support women who find themselves in hard places.  If this interests you CLICK HERE.


    Woman's Fitness classes

    💪 Believe it or not, but we are into our 8th year of this fitness class! What a gift this journey has been for the 3 of us!

    We're looking forward to seeing each one of you again! We are praying this will be an amazing year of growth, strength, and relationship.

    Zoom will continue to be available during our in-person class times! We are glad to have you join our class in whichever form works best for you. 


    Tuesday and Thursday mornings

    9:15am - 10:15am

    September 13th 2022 - May 25th 2023

    Bethany Grace Fellowship gym

    Free childcare available

    Led by Megan Shrom


    This is an instructor-led fitness class for women of all ages that will strengthen you both physically and spiritually! The class is a mixture of cardio, HIIT, strength, barre and pilates with modifications modeled to provide a range of intensity levels.


    Cost for the class is only $20 for unlimited classes from Sept 13th 2022 - Jan 19th 2023 (which comes to 35 classes/half the school year) or just pay $2/class. We will collect another $20 for the second half of the school year (Jan 24th 2023 - May 25th 2023). All money goes to help cover our class cost for childcare. As always, if the price keeps anyone from attending the class, please contact us and we will see that your rate is covered discretely. This payment will be on the honor system as you sign in before each class. The cost for the class goes 100% towards paying our Safe Church childcare workers.


    You will need to bring a mat or towel and a water bottle. Bring dumbbells or a resistance band to increase the intensity level.


    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Contact Megan at click Here

  • Traveling Tea

    Visiting our senior saints in teams of twos on Fridays 1-3PM.  Use the link above to contact Pam about joining the team!