Did you know that

you are the impact team!

Bethany's Church vision is to be a thriving church that imitates Christ, IMPACTS community for eternity, and is the unified body of Christ.   That's the goal for our church!  To impact our community for eternity!  How cool!

Part of Bethany's vision is to impact the community for eternity and our Impact Steering Committee exists to plan and promote events to get the church active in our local community. We welcome new ideas and new ways to impact our community for Christ.

You may have seen the blue "IMPACT" T-shirts and wondered how to get one....  Sign up to serve for one of our events and YOU can get your FREE T-shirt!

IMPACT activities are promoted in the BGF Connect Email, the Bethany's  Link App, and during the weekly announcement time in our services. We encourage you to choose activities during the year and sign up to help with our BGF outreach/service activities!

The Impact Steering Committee

Bethany's Impact Steering Committee is a group of people who look for ways we can activate our church family.  We offer opportunities to IMPACT either physically or by donating items to a cause. We try to plan at least 4 projects a year.  To this purpose we work closely with local Christian Charities and ministries within BGF.  Our goal is to get as many people activated as possible by planning a variety of service activities and events! 

Here are some of the ways we have been activated to impact in the past year:

  • Facilitating organization to church outreach events (like the Family and Friends Movie Night).  
  • Facilitating organization to fall clean-up for church attendees unable to do it themselves.
  • Organized a winter coat drive for CrossNet.
  • Organized toiletry kit drive for Hope Rescue Mission in Reading.
  • Organize the BGF Football Concession Stand group.
  • Help organize Terre Hill Days BGF Kitchen Crew.

Our Impact Steering Team is looking for 4 additional members! 

Click Here and email for more info!