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This page lists things that normally happen at Bethany.  Right now there are online options for the Women's Sunday School Class and the FIT Class.  All in person activities are on hold for the time being.  

"At Bethany, our Women's Ministry is geared towards connecting women from all ages.  We are women from all different backgrounds, walks of life, and stages of life.  Our focus isn't on dress codes or how put together your life is.  We are REAL women with REAL struggles and REAL joys.  We'd love for you to get involved by meeting new women and developing relationships.  We encourage you to help each other flourish on our journeys, by using your gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others."

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To contact Bethany's Women's Ministry Team email : women@bethanygf.org

  • Bible Studies

    Please join us!  Register for a class on Sunday morning or Wednesday by clicking on the link in the church calendar and following the Registration instructions!

  • Gatherings

    Watch the main church calendar, bulletins, email and church mailboxes for information about gathering for connection and fun!   This is a super way to make new friends at Bethany!

    *Sign up for any of these gathering through the church bulletin Contact Card, sign-up tables in the foyer, Facebook, or by email: women@bethanygf.org.

    Tuesday and Thursday mornings

    9:30am - 10:30am

    September 10th 2019 - May 28th 2020

    Bethany Grace Fellowship gym

    Free childcare available

    Led by Megan Shrom


    This is an instructor-led fitness class for women of all ages that will strengthen you both physically and spiritually! The class is a mixture of cardio, HIIT, strength, barre and Pilates with modifications modeled to provide a range of intensity levels.


    Cost for the class is only $20 for unlimited classes from Sept 10th 2019 - Jan 21st 2020 (which comes to 35 classes/half the school year) or just pay $2/class. All money goes to help cover our cost for childcare. As always, if the price keeps anyone from attending the class, please contact us and we will see that your rate is covered discretely. This payment will be on the honor system as you sign in before each class. The cost for the class goes 100% towards paying our Safe Church childcare workers.


    You will need to bring a mat or towel and a water bottle. Bring dumbbells or a resistance band to increase the intensity level.


    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


    Looking forward to seeing you !

    Megan, Chandra and Kendra

    CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP  for the  Women's Fitness Class

    Questions about the class? Email strongher@bethanygf.org.

  • connection

    Our Coffee Connect Events are designed to give opportunities for women to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.  Coffee Connect opportunities are available monthly through the fall and winter. Register using the link on the church calendar!