sign up for a life group!

Through October, brand new Life Groups are forming.   Now would be the perfect time to join with a new or existing group and deepen your relationships at Bethany.  Reach out to one or more group leaders for more information and give it a try.  There's no pressure or obligation.  We just want you and your family to know that you are loved and belong!  There are 8 new groups to check out.

Here's how to begin:

  1. Check out the new groups below and click on the group(s) that you are interested in.  Drop us an email with your name and contact information and we will forward your interest on to the group leader so they can contact you.
  2. On Sunday, go to the Life Group Connection table in the church foyer and have a conversation with our helpful team.  They will listen to you, ask you a few questions and then make a recommendation to help you find a group that should be a good fit!
  3. Still have questions or don't know where to begin?  Interested but unsure or interested in starting your own group?  Email with your name and contact information and we will help you take the next step.

Our goal is to have our new groups organized and meeting at least once in October. We are praying that God would lead you to a group where you can join the Bethany family as we seek to fulfil our vision to Thrive, Impact and Unify.