Celebrate Recovery a weekly, faith-based 12-step program, is designed to help individuals find freedom from hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  It is based on the eight principles from the Beatitudes.

Celebrate Recovery is not only helpful for those struggling with addictions but can help anyone who is struggling.  Do you struggle with....

Alcohol Abuse - Anger - Bitterness - Demand Perfection - Fear/Anxiety - Gambling - Indecisiveness - Hurtful Relationships - Insecurity - Lying - Need to Control - Overeating - Overspending - Overworking - Sexual Impurity- Under eating - Unhealthy Emotions - Self-Esteem - Pride - Depression

To find out when and where Celebrate Recovery meets

text/phone: 717-587-2202

email: elancocelebraterecovery@gmail.com