Life Group is...  an intentional small group that meets regularly to nurture Spiritual formation through Biblical community, Mission and Engaging with God and His Word.   Life Groups are places for sharing, prayer, care, discipleship and support.  If you are feeling lonely or isolated, a Life Group is the place to start!  


    Our Current Life Groups

    • our family given to him

      Our mission is to bring families together in fellowship through God's word and prayer. Bring your accomplishments and struggles.  Our goal will be to foster an environment for open discussion where we can learn from each other and share how Christ has impacted your family. 

      Group Leaders: Mark & Beccie Hackney

      Group Format: Bible Study and Prayer

      Meeting Da/Frequency: Fridays at 6:00PM

      Location: Stevens/Reamstown Area

      Children Welcome


      A multi-generational sermon-based small group open to those living near Sheep Hill in East Earl, focused on loving and supporting each other, growing in Christ and serving our neighbors.  Open to those in the greater Sheep Hill (East Earl) vicinity. 

      Group Leaders: Steve & Pam Benedict, John & Kathy Beiler

      Group Format: Fellowship, Sermon Study, Prayer with occasional service projects.

      Meeting Day/Frequency: 1st and 3rd Sundays, 5:30-7:30PM

      Location: East Earl, Sheep Hill Area

      Children are welcome.


      Our group is Bible Study based.  We explore Books of the Bible decided on by the group usually in book or video format.  Our desire is to explore together how to encourage each other and each family unit, worship together, and serve the Lord together.

      Group Leaders: Chris & Rona' Martin

      Group Format: Bible Study, Fellowship, Meal, Prayer, Serving

      Meeting Day/Frequency: Sundays @ 6:00PM, Bi-Weekly

      Location: Terre Hill (We'd be open to rotating homes or meeting at the church too.)

      Children and teens are Welcome and will be considered a part of the group.


      A group of Christ Followers loving one another through prayer and support as we face each day and prepare for our tomorrows.  With an age range of 40's to 80's, some married some not married, we enjoy the diversity.

      Group Leaders: Lonnie & Marion Martin

      Group Format: Sermon Study, Fellowship, Prayer

      Meeting Day/Frequency: Sundays/Bi-weekly

      Location: Bowmansville Area

    • god's word for you

      Multi-generational group growing together as we apply God's Word to everyday life, one book at a time.  We intend to start with "Galatians For You", by Tim Keller.

      Group Leaders: Austin & Amanda Hess

      Group Format: Bible Study, Fellowship, Meal Together, Prayer

      Meeting Day/Frequency: Monday/Bi-weekly

      Location: Morgantown

      Children are welcome.


      A multi-generational group that extends grace to others while growing together in Christ.

      Group Leaders: Steve & Rozanna Leever

      Group Format: Video Study

      Meeting Frequency: Bi-weekly

      Location: Morgantown

    • New Beginnings

      A group for young marrieds and families.  We will have Bible Study with an emphasis on prayer and fellowship.  Kids are welcome.  We are currently (Feb. 2022) doing a study called, "Love and Respect".  

      Group Leaders: Isaac & Kate Martin

      Group Format: Bible Study and Fellowship

      Frequency: Bi-weekly

      Location: Goodville

      Children are welcome. 


      A group of active 50 and 60-year-olds with grown children who seek to discover God's purpose in this stage of living for Christ during seasons of life changes.  Emphasis will be on sharing together with growth in discipleship through learning together.  The Life Group  experience will be enhanced with additional activities that promote strong bonds and a sense of belonging.  Lessons will be a combination of Right -Now Media content enriched with current sermon discussion. 

      Group Leaders: Gene & Kim Pierce

      Group Format: Video Study, Sermon Study

      Frequency: Bi-Weekly

      Location: Terre Hill

    • deeply rooted

      Deeply rooted in faith and fellowship.  

      Group Leaders: Tom & Sandy Martin

      Group Format: Sermon Based Study, Prayer, Fellowship, Meal Together

      Frequency: Sundays/Bi-weekly

      Location: Bowmansville

    • eAT, PRAY, LOVE

      Relational, sermon based, whole group meets monthly, segregated bi-weekly. 

      Group Leaders: Craig & Rebecca Alderfer

      Group Format: Sermon Study

      Frequency: Bi-weekly

      Location: Ephrata

    • Fellowship of friends

      Sharing Life experiences and bearing one another's burdens.

      Group Leaders: Jim & Linda Zimmerman

      Group Format: Fellowship, Meal Together, Prayer

      Frequency: Monthly

      Location: Rotates at Group Member's Homes

    • Gracefully Renewed

      Learning to become like Christ in our adversity. 

      Colossians 3:10

      Group Leaders: Gerald & Linda Graham

      Group Format: Bible Study, Fellowship, Meal Together, Prayer

      Frequency: Bi-weekly

      Location: Gordonville

    • heritage warriors

      We are a group of young parents that love and serve Jesus.  As Psalms 127:3-5 says we are striving to raise our arrows (children) and point them toward the target (Jesus).

      Group Leaders: Greg & Jess Nolt

      Group Format:   Sermon Study, Meal, Prayer Time

      Frequency:  Monthly

      Location: Rotate Homes

    • Journey together

      Loving the Lord and His Word and supporting one another through varied life experiences.

      Group Leaders: Larry & Laverne Eby

      Group Format: Sermon Study, Fellowship, Prayer 

      Frequency: Monthly

      Location: East Earl

    • THE Small group

      Group Leaders: Justin & Chandra Nolt

      Group Format:  Fellowship, Meals, Life, Prayer

      Frequency: Monthly

      Location: Rotates Homes

    • Brothers and sisters

      Group Leaders: Jeff & Kendra Watson

      Group Format:                         

      Frequency: Monthly 

      Location: Group Members Homes