Our Story

Desiring to free themselves from the legalism of the Lancaster Conference Mennonite Church, six couples pulled together to dream of what church could be.  Their vision was of a church that would preach and teach the true Word of God, unhindered by rules added by men.  In September 1957 these like-minded families joined together to form Blue Ball Mennonite Church. 

  • As the years ticked by that little church of six families grew. Along with growth cam necessary location and name changes, but the heart stayed true - avoid legalism and preach God's word.
  • Blue Ball Mennonite Church - September 1, 1957, meeting at the Blue Ball Fire Company.
  • Bethany Mennonite Church - September 8, 1959, meeting at the former school building at the corner of West Black Creek Road and Rt. 625.
  • Bethany Mennonite Church - April 30, 1961, meeting at our current location, Rt. 625 and Union Grove Road.
  • Bethany Grace Fellowship - September 16, 2001, the congregation voted to change the name to further step away from perceived legalism and/or liberalism that the Mennonite name can carry.

Bethany's goal has remained true from the beginning: to preach and teach the whole Word of God, free from man-made rules, a church that encourages life and life to the full (John 10:10).  We strive to live out our faith in a tangible way.  Bethany embraces the idea of mission, going into our world and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We strive to uphold the sanctity of life and family, remembering that we are adopted into God's family.  We seek to minister to those in need, banding together to make a difference in our world, sharing our lives, and our resources, to the honor and glory of God.

In short, Bethany's Mission is to introduce people to Jesus,  love each other as family, and grow together in Christ.